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“Amanda, you are so amazing! As an older woman trying to take better care of my body and wanting to improve the areas that are starting to sag, I didn't think I could do Pilates but you have demonstrated the patience, genuine caring, kindness and encouragement I needed to learn and start down a path to a better me. Thank you for helping me. I look forward to the next class and bringing my husband, sister and friends to learn from you.” - Danna W.

“I love The Pilates Body!!! The reformer classes have helped me so much to develop the strength I need as a dancer and to top it all off I love both Amanda and Lucky's sense of humor. They make the classes a blast to attend!!!” - Devin L.

“I have a low back injury that impeded traditional physical training for at least two decades. Over the last two years I began frequent bicycling to bring my weight down, which has been great, but it does not address flexibility, strengthening my back, or any upper body conditioning. Providentially I had an assigned seat next to Amanda on a flight, and thus began my education as to the history and purposes of Pilates. This information, along with Amanda's exuberance, dedication, knowledge, and professional approach to my specific medical situation, readily convinced me to take The Pilates Body plunge. By the end of the flight I couldn't wait to get started! Not only has my experience lived up to expectations, I have been surprised by the extent of the results. We are achieving the goals (flexibility, upper body conditioning, improving back strength - all without the back strain/pain that other types of training produced) in a session that is thorough and complete, yet without extremely rigorous exertion. And an added bonus is what I refer to as 'releasing toxins.' After each session my body feels as though tension and toxins are flushed, I am thoroughly relaxed, and then as the day goes on a refreshing sense of renewal occurs. Needless to say, The Pilates Body has been amazing for me.” - Roy N.

“For years I had heard of Pilates but fear of the unknown kept me from looking into it. As an overweight and self-conscious woman I have shied away from group exercise classes and certainly from something that was probably full of perfect bodies. After a referral from a physical therapist, I called and made an appointment with Pilates Body. The fact that the first five lessons were private allowed me to learn the ropes before attending a group class, and it was just what I needed. It gave me the confidence to participate in the classes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the class was more ‘full figured’ just like me! It has been the best exercise I have ever participated in, and the classes are a joy to attend. Thanks to Lucky and Amanda for offering their love and support to all.” - Betty

“The Pilates Body has totally changed my health in the last year. Exercising regularly is not something I get excited to do, but I always look forward to going to my Pilates workouts because of the friendly environment, cleanliness, challenge, and reward. I have lost 18 pounds, and I feel the healthiest I have felt since participating in athletics in high school. I can feel a difference now in my body when walking up stairs, walking long distances, doing yard work, etc. I have more energy and I feel more centered. I had no idea what to expect when I began Pilates, but it has been one of the best additions to my life for both health and fun. Thank you, Pilates Body!” - Aimee P.

“I have to admit, Pilates intimidated me at first. I found, however, that it was more about balance initially than strength or endurance, so I could work up to those aspects and the reformers were easier to use than I anticipated. I feel strong and athletic doing Pilates. This is a nice change from how I typically feel working out - exhausted and in terrible shape.” - Janea

“I have done aerobics of all varieties, lifted weights, ran a marathon, and the list keeps on going. But Pilates at The Pilates Body has been the most effective workout for the time spent that I have experienced. Plus the culture and atmosphere at Pilates Body is fun! I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants to trim down, firm up, or add a new variation to their workout.” - Bobbi

“Just to let you know - Pilates Body saved my life. After 25 years of wifehood and motherhood, tragedy, and career moves, I was overweight, depressed and somewhat anti-social. I started to take Pilates with Lucky at Amanda's studio and it has been one of the best moves of my life. Pilates has many physical benefits, which sculpt your body in a long, stretched dancer's shape. It also has intrinsic value and is mentally very therapeutic. The clients are a wonderful support group, which makes classes zip by. Try it - you'll love it. The competition is with yourself - no one else.” - Gail Vines Owner, Flip's Wine Bar and Trattoria

“My golf game is the best it has ever been since I started doing Pilates a year ago. I have worked manual labor for many years and have a lot of damage in my shoulders. After doing Pilates, I no longer have shoulder pain and do not need surgery on one of my shoulders. I am so thankful to the Pilates Body for giving me back my strength and balance. The teachers are knowledgeable in a friendly and relaxed environment.” - Bobby

“Since starting Pilates two years ago, I have watched my body become more streamlined and muscular. I want to show everyone my muscles! I was also able to get off of blood pressure medication a few months after I started Pilates. I attend group classes three days a week and I could not recommend this studio highly enough! The music is great, the teachers are friendly, and the studio is clean and spacious. One of the best benefits I have received from Pilates is definitely an improved sense of balance. Everything I have read the last few years regarding the effects of aging makes a reference to balance and how important it is to stretch and strengthen your muscles, which in turn improves balance. Falls in older adults are common and preventable to a certain extent with the increased muscle strength gained from exercise.” - Stephanie

“Thank you so much for opening up your studio to us. I really can’t express how much I need Pilates! It gives me something that is ‘mine’ - not the kids or my husband’s. It takes my mind off all the stress in my life and it helps to rejuvenate my commitment to myself to be healthy.” - Aimee M.

“Thanks to Pilates Body, I feel more energized and feel my body starting to tone. This is a great way to slim down, feel energized and strengthen your core. I'm thankful for the instructors for their continued support and dedication to their clients. They really care about their clients' success.” - Mary

“My mom and I first began our Pilates career in June of 2012. From our first private lesson, Amanda introduced us to a type of exercise that we have ultimately become hooked on! The benefits of Pilates are endless and we have both developed strength and flexibility in areas of our bodies that we didn't even know existed. It is rare that I find an exercise routine that I love, but The Pilates Body provides classes that keep me wanting more each time I leave! Ultimately, the instructors at this studio are one of a kind. Working with Amanda has made me realize what a truly gifted teacher she is. She is not only extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and fun, but also the main reason why Pilates has become a part of who I am.” - Ashleigh

“Pilates Body is more than a fitness facility. Human beings are stronger in numbers, so group exercise has an advantage. Pilates Body combines fitness with relationships; it sets the tone for my day, challenges me without the risk of injury, and makes me smile. So I say, for a superb and safe work out and a good time, come join Pilates Body.” - Joanne

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